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#1/ NGO Souvenir Prespa:  Five day training on embroidery technique known as Zuraf for group of 10 women, by an embroidery expert from Veles. The aim of the training is to support development of self employment of women in Resen.

#2; 3; 4; 5; 6/ NGO’s Muzicka Mladina; Prespa Fruit; Grupa za razvoj na podsektor jabolko; Zdravec – Foja; Prespanka:  Days of apple, three days manifestation in Resen (26-28 September), promoting the start of apple picking (three initiatives):
Children paining event and exhibition: children from Resen will be invited to paint apples in 1001 ways
NGO Fair- supporting two NGOs which will promote dishes made of apple and production of organic apple
Lectures: supporting two lectures on agricultural topic and development of alternative tourism for NGOs representatives

#7/ NGO Coalition of fruit producers: Lecture on the use of pesticide in apple production, by agriculture expert Mr. Angov, followed by interactive discussion of 40 participants (5 NGO, youth from agricultural high school, Agency for promoting apple production).

#8/ NGO Association for development of alternative tourism: Lecture on price and promotional marketing for alternative tourism, held by Mr. Evtovski to 15 MGO members/local residences that are providing private accommodations. The lecture was accompanied with field visit in Ljubojno.

#9/ NGO Zenska Nasmevka: The women organization “Zenska Nasmevka” from Resen organized two workshops on topic “Sexual carrier transmitted diseases”. Participants in the workshops were students from the secondary school “Car Samoil”- Resen, age 14 – 18. The main goal of these workshops was to educate the students to protect themselves from two mostly sexually transmitted diseases Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

#10/ NGO Prespanski Slavej: The NGO organized workshop on topic “Strengthening of the ethnical relations between Albanian, Macedonian and Turkish children trough cultural understanding. The participants on the workshop were members of four local NGOs with multiethnic structure (Albanian, Turkish and Macedonian) and pupils from the primary school in village Podmocani.

#11/ NGO MZTIL: The regional NGO of disabled persons “MZTIL” organized workshop on social position of the disabled persons and possibilities on their employments. Participants attending the workshop were the members of the NGO MZTIL, 3 representatives of the Centre for social works – Resen and individuals. An exhibition of wood carvings by two engravers, NGO members was organized as part of the workshop.

#12/ NGO Rasson:  Workshop on topic: “Have we slept over the cultural lesson”
Round table on cultural bon ton of the citizens in the different institutions like banks, ambulance, school, at the streets etc was organized. Twenty one participants attended the round table, out of which 11 were representatives from the public institutions in the municipality.

#13/ NGO Women Organization Resen: Resen in cooperation with Zdravec – Foja and Zenska Nasmevka, organized a round table on topic Body Building, stimulants and anabolic steroids, proteins as a doping – truths and deludes”. The main goal was to stress that those kinds of substances are dangerous for the health of young people. Participants were mostly young people, sportsmen who use those steroids. There were 33 participants, one gym professor and two doctors as facilitators: one of them is a doctor for internal medicine and the other one is psychologist.

#14/ NGO Zenska Nasmevka: Two workshops on topic: “Breast cancer prevention”. Participants in the workshops were 38 women from different social structures from the Municipality of Resen. The main goal of the workshops was education for prevention and early identification of breast cancer.

#15/ NGO Prespanka: The NGO organized a two-day workshop on topic “Forming prices for tourist services” by Slavco Eftimovski, Veles. The workshop was organized in two days: first theoretical day held in the NGO Support Centre while the second practical lecture was organized in the villages of Stenje and Dolno Dupeni. The main goal of the workshop was to educate the members of NGOs, active in the alternative tourism, how to price their services. 22 NGO members attended the training.

#16/ NGO HO Roma Tari Resen: The NGO organized two hours workshop to mark the 8th of April, Roma’s World Day. Mr. Remzi Medik representative of the NGO Bairska Svetlina, Bitola, had a lecture on Roma’s history, identity and integrity in every part of the society.

#17; 18; 19/ NGO’s Tereza 2000; Lobbing; Gorica Prespa: Three local NGOs through different local initiatives, organized promotion of the tourist season in Prespa. Participants were 11 local NGOs, active in alternative tourism, who presented their activities and future plans to Resen community. Special guest on the event was Mrs. Guldal Akshit, the minister in the Turkish government and the delegation with representatives from the Turkish business sector.

#20/ NGO’s ATZ Prespanka; KUD Tase Milosevski: Organized two-hours cultural event with promotion of the traditional Easter dishes and promotion of traditional folk dances.

#21/ NGO Fokus and Lobbing: Organisation of cultural activities for painting and decorating Easter eggs, including 50 children from local primary schools. The goal of this initiative was reanimation of the old traditional and heritage customs which are characteristic for Easter Day.

#22; 23; 24; 25; 26; 27; 28; 29; 30; 31/ NGO’s Lobbing; Muzicka Mladina; Tereza 2000; GRPJ; Rasson; Progres; Fokus; Eco Protection; Prespanka; Suvenir Prespa: With aim to celebrate the Europe day, were organised several activities:
Lecture on the Euro regions
Creation of the ornithological  flag of EU
Europe without borders (children's cultural and artistic activities)
Promotion of Eco agriculture
Eco patrol
Traditional local and European meals
Embroidery of European and Macedonian flag and other motives

#32/ NGO Zenska Nasmevka: Two days educative session for helping the victims of domestic violence.